Start planing your trip to Croatia – Your new favorite hotspot!

We offer you the best places in Croatia to enjoy some of the best food, drinks, entertainment and of course the most beautiful scenery in the world.

A visit to Croatia could be one of the best things you could ever do for your European travel plans. To help you through the arduous torture of organizing your trip. We have compiled a list of the best places in Croatia. From there, you can plan a trip to this beautiful European destination in no time.

Suppose you want to visit some of the most picturesque and best places in Croatia. Skip the tourist hotspots in summer and leave the big cities behind. Motovun is the best place to go to Croatia in the off-season. Visiting this fascinating carnival centre in Croatia is a good thing in the low season. If you are a fan of secluded, clear and downright beautiful beaches, you will not be disappointed.

This is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia and the best place in the low season, so bring your camera with you. We will show you why Makarska is such an excellent destination for tourists and locals and locals, but be aware that it is a tourist destination and a beautiful place.

Croatia has some of the most beautiful places globally and some fantastic places, so make sure you see them. They will help you see the best of this country, including these beautiful places and more. According to tourist figures, we have mixed the most popular destinations and calculated them based on our visits to Croatia.

Road trip maybe?

Take your Croatia route to Dubrovnik or vice versa and visit the most beautiful national park in Croatia, Lake Zagreb. Many agree that the lake with its waterfalls is one of Croatia’s best and most beautiful national parks.

Zagreb is also a great place to start your holiday in Croatia, spend a few nights here and then drive to the coast. If you can’t or won’t stay overnight but still want to have time to explore much further than Dubrovnik, you should include Zlarin in your sailing trip. You can also stop at the popular tourist attractions of Zadar and Kranjevo, both located near Zagreb on the Croatian coast. An ideal place for overnight stays and a perfect place for overnight stays on a boat or a day trip.

Tucked away on the shore, Zagreb is one of the best places in Croatia to explore if the Adriatic side of this country is not your cup of tea. This small island hideaway is perfect for those of you who want to visit the more popular destinations. Split is a popular tourist destination for Croatia, with its old town and the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, just a few kilometres from the capital Zadar. Although it is not as popular as Dubrovnik, it is still connected to some of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The city has a unique charm and sense of divine healing that I have never felt anywhere else in Croatia and is one of the best places in the country to visit.

The crystal clear waters, combined with the impressively well-preserved old town, will make this city unforgettable. Croatia’s capital and the largest city will inevitably feature any list of Croatia’s best places. It is definitely a city that puts you in an excellent position to visit some interesting historical sites and a great tourist destination. You will find the most beautiful view of Lake Vojvodina, the largest lake in the country is one of our best places to visit Croatia!

5 Beaches Within Reach of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The beach, the greatest option

If you are not sure where to visit Croatia for an all-inclusive holiday, check out our list of the best places in the country for an all-inclusive holiday. If you are wondering where to go on Croatia’s beaches, please read our guide to the most popular beaches in Croatia in Dubrovnik. Whether you rent a car to visit or just sit near the ocean in a bohemian like style, we hope you can enjoy it. Share your thoughts on our top tips for the best places in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the best things to do from Dubrovnik to Croatia!

The Istria Tourist Board has an app Istria Gourmet, which conveniently shows all the best gourmet restaurants in the country and some of the most popular restaurants and cafes. The app also offers almost twenty of the best gourmet routes that you can follow to experience the goods in Istria. Map of the places you should visit on your trip. Each region of Istria is arranged by region. There are delicious and traditional excursions throughout Istria, along with those hidden gems with no written culinary history.

Not all the major sights are located in the heart of Obrovac. Still, they consider some of the famous places, such as Kranj and the historic village of Vojvodina.

After visiting Istria for its natural beauty, you should also indulge in some of its world-famous wines. To complete the delicious Croatian gourmet experience in Istria, you will also find some beautiful wines from the region.

To give you an idea of what is a must – check out the Istria Gourmet app for fun ideas in Istria and Croatia in general. It can help you locate your favourite Istrian places to eat and drink. If you know of any other cafes, restaurants or shops that should be on the list, please let us know in the comments below, and we will update this guide. Make sure you visit and view these places on your Istria road trip!

Are you a foodie? We got you!

The tasting menu is a culinary experience and can be combined with local wines and olive oil. There is a whole range of vegetable dishes that you can find on the menu in this restaurant and in many other places in Istria.

With six different wineries in the area, the town of Motovan is one of the best places to do so. It also houses some of the best Istrian wines.

Istria is Croatia’s pantry in the interior, and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to authentic Istrian cuisine. Forests are very sought after – white truffles, olive groves covering its slopes. Farms that produce excellent cured meat will spoil visitors for choice. But if you really want something good, Savudrija will delight you with its delicious roasted fish fillet. Its cuttlefish ink and sponge cake or Zoran, toasted with fresh herbs and spices. Truffles can be found in the 5 best restaurants in Rovinj, the region’s capital, and in the town itself. This is interrupted by wonderful wild vegetables growing on the rolling hills, such as wild garlic, wild ginger and wild carrots.

The best restaurant in Poreč, Sv Nikola, is one of the best in the region. Their menu includes a mixture of traditional Istrian cuisine—also modern dishes such as pork belly and chicken.

The restaurant attracts hundreds of people at weekends, and many even come from outside Slovenia to enjoy the delicious dishes. A 10-minute walk from the venue is one of the best restaurants in Poreč. You can find dishes such as pork belly, chicken and pork ribs on the menu.

Although Istria is a large peninsula on the Adriatic, Croatia has some fantastic places for coastal cuisine. The best Croatian food is served in Porec, a small village about 30 km north of the capital Zagreb.

This heart-shaped peninsula offers no-frills – local taverns that offer authentic Istrian home cooking. Here you will find a handpicked list of some of the best restaurants in the capital Zagreb and other cities. With local food and a wide selection of restaurants, there is no excuse to eat appropriately in Istria.

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