Hotel Korana Srakovčić

Hotel Korana-Srakovčić is an exclusive four star hotel for which we can rightfully say is one of the most beautiful small hotels in Croatia. We say the most beautiful, while experts say – the best.

Hotel Carlstadt

Hotel Carlstadt is located in the city center, on the edge of monumental - urban sites.

Hostel "Na putu"

Hostel Na putu is proud to be the first of its kind in Karlovac. We are situated at the very heart of the old city centre in a traditional early 19th century baroque style house.

Hostel BEDEM

Hostel Bedem is located in the historical center of Karlovac - the "Star". Situated in the very center of the town, near the bus and train stations, it is connected by a beautiful promenade with arboretum and parks along the river Korana.