The "FANY" riding club is a young club founded in the spring of 2005 with the aim of providing leisure services through recreational and cross-country riding and a riding school. The club's residents are the thoroughbred Lipizzaners Krabbe and Trofetta, and Luna and the Cashmere Deo Dato. The FANY riding club has a wonderful, inspiring and relaxing atmosphere far from the throng of the city, and is a place where you can enjoy the generous embrace of the wonderful unspoilt nature near the River Korana and centuries-old woods. Besides recreational riding, we offer a simple oasis of peace and well-being, relaxation in natural surroundings with a barbecue and spit, sleeping on hay, bathing in the River Korana and an escape from the stress and rush of everyday life. We are particularly proud of our most recent offer: a romantic ride in an original restored Viennese carriage pulled by two thoroughbred Lipizzaners. Every year, new foals come into the world on our family stud farm, and with eagerness and much happiness we anticipate and follow their development. 

The three-dimensional movement of horses has a positive effect on co-ordination, the strengthening of muscles, the improvement of circulation, breathing and digestion, on more effective learning and memory, and upon the development of emotional intelligence and communication skills. The feeling of satisfaction and control that come from riding and managing an animal of five hundred kilograms is a powerful remedy for strengthening self-confidence. The beauty and nobility of the horse, its warmth and the rhythm of its movements represent a combination with a unique therapeutic effect.

The horse is a living being, and a large and warm animal that can become your best friend, but is also one that requires daily attention. The rider looks after their own horse, preparing, cleaning, saddling and riding it. Most of the time is spent in the fresh air, and the company of the other riders and taking care of the horses together creates firm and lasting friendships. Anybody can ride. It is important to be at least eight years old, while there is no upper age limit. The greatest enjoyment in riding is the daily company of an animal that accepts but also gives a lot of love. Riding lets children become accustomed to mastering new challenges, teaches them self-confidence and resourcefulness, and also how to react in new situations.
If we have succeeded in interesting you in this sport or if you are just a lover of these noble animals, you are invited to join us in enjoying their company.

Riding club "Fany"
Address: Cerovac Vukmanićki 14b, Karlovac
Phone 00385(0)47/616-434
Mobile 00385(0)98/460-383 and 091/5863-288